Ronda’s Weekly Column
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Ronda’s Weekly Column

Week of December 4, 2023

Hello everyone. it’s Ronda with the weekly HPV News-

How about the beautiful weather we have been having?  Nothing to dislike about that. We have been busy decorating around HPV for Christmas, you know I Love this season and the festive look of it.

It was actually Christmas in Hatton on the weekend.  Santa and Mrs. Claus were on hand at the Community Center, there were Cookies and treats and crafts and craft bags for the kids. Capped off with the annual Christmas tree lighting on Main Street. Thanks so much for all of those who make that happen.

We had a busy weekend.  The Men’s Club Santa and his Elves showed up on Saturday. They sure do brighten the day and we couldn’t Thank them enough for always thinking about us. Much appreciated! Then on Sunday the Holmes Live Nativity came out and did a program for the Residents; beautiful message and Music. Sadly, this is their last year of doing the Live Nativity, but we thank them for their visit and their many years of spreading Christmas Love and cheer.,

What’s going on the week of December 10th to December 16th-

Sunday December 10th-Worship at 10:00 a.m., Coffee and Dessert in the Coffee Shop (1:00 pm to 3:00 pm). And it is our Resident and Family Christmas Party at 2:00 p.m. in the dining room.

December 11th-Room Visits, Grand Ole Opry Video, and trivia. In the afternoon there will be Individual Activities. Bingo, Beverage Cart, and Individual Visits.

Tuesday December 12th-Room Visits, Music by Tim Moser, Nail Polishing, Sing and Swing Concert in the Chapel, Beverage Cart, Would you Rather? and Individual Visits.

Wednesday December 13th-Room Visits, 10:00 am Worship, and Trivia.  In the afternoon Individual Activities, Pie Day in the Coffee Shop from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm, Beverage Cart, Bible Study, and Individual Activities.

Thursday December 14th-Room Visits, Flatbread Making by Faye.  In the afternoon there will be Individual Activities, Holiday Baking, Beverage Cart, Christmas Game, and Individual Visits.

Friday December 15th-Room Visits, Yahtzee, and Trivia. In the afternoon there will be Individual Visits, Beverage Cart, 2:00 pm Music be Herlof Huso in the Chapel.

Saturday December 16th-Room Visits, trivia, Individual Activities, Beverage Cart, and Bingo

Please feel free to come out and join us for the Musical Activities, we will be glad to have you.

Happy Birthday this week goes out to Carrie Johnson, Angela Haugen, Skya Brandon, and Amber Thykeson! Happy Birthday!

We invite you to come out and visit.  Just a friendly reminder: cold, flu, and Covid are lurking in the Community so, if you have any symptoms, please come at a later date wnen you are feeling better. It would be sad to give one of our residents one of these, not the gift they were hoping for. On the bright side, for right now, we are all healthy!

I hope you are all enjoying the season.  It goes by so fast and you just want to soak it all up. It seems like every day in Hatton there are new decorations up; looks like many are getting in the Holiday Spirit.

Until next week, stay healthy and warm, enjoy every minute and have a great week!