Ronda’s Weekly Column
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Ronda’s Weekly Column

Week of April 8, 2024

Hello everyone, it’s Ronda with the weekly HPV News-

So, no real weather news, but it has been a bit chilly and then all of a sudden, we will get a dusting of Snow? I know, we live in North Dakota, but it always makes it so hard when they throw in a 60-degree day followed with wind and cold. I guess it keeps us on our toes; we’re not sure which jacket to wear.  And then it’s which jacket did I leave my key fob in? Well, life goes on and I think Spring is for sure coming?

What’s going on the week of April 28th to May 4th-

Sunday Apri; 28th-10:00 am Worship and Coffee and Dessert in the Coffee Shop from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm.

Monday April 29th-Individual Room Visits, Giant Crossword Puzzle, and trivia. In the afternoon they will have Word games, Bingo, Beverage Cart, and Reading by Hannah.

Tuesday April 30th-Individual Room Visits, Jingo, Balls Galore, and Trivia. In the afternoon they will have Nail Polishing, Beverage Cart, Dumb Dice Game, and small group visits.

Wednesday May 1st- Looks like we made it through another month in record speed! It is May Day! Did you ever deliver May Baskets to your friends and neighbors? We did when we were kids.  Mom would save those green baskets from strawberries and help us fill them with treats. We’d put them on the porches, knock and run! In the morning, they will have room visits, and worship, followed by Trivia. In the afternoon there will be Pie and Coffee in the Coffee Shop from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm, Beverage Cart, Bible Study and Individual Activities. We are in the middle of a little Facelift in the Coffee Shop, so come out and take a look.

Thursday May 2nd-Individual Room Visits, Tic-Tac-Toe with Peanut Butter, 777777, and trivia. In the afternoon they will have Word Games, Blackjack, Ball Toss, Beverage Cart, New game, and small group visiting.

Friday May 3rd- Individual Room Visits, Friday Morning Movie, and Trivia. In the afternoon they will have Word Games, Beverage Cart, and visiting.

Saturday May 4th-Room Visits and Trivia. In the afternoon they will have Individual Activities, Beverage Cart, and bingo.

Happy Birthday this week goes out to Mindi Mehus! Happy Birthday!

Just a reminder about our 2024 Fundraiser.  We are in need of a new med Cart, so if you would like to designate a memorial or a donation towards this project we would be grateful. Many Thanks for the generous support we are so very lucky to get from so many. You guys are the best and we are always Blessed with the Best!

Our sympathy goes out to Christi and Jerry Foss and their families. Christi’s dad, Dennis Cordahl, passed away recently. Christi is one of our Housekeepers here at HPV. May Dennis’s memory be blessed and the family find peace in all of the good memories they have of their Dad!

Our sympathy also to the family of Mary Halvorson. She passed away this past week. May her family find peace in the memories they have of her. God’s blessings on all of you.

Well, everyone, Spring is on the way according to the forecast.  We should be heading for a few 70’s days ahead. I for one cannot wait! Until next week enjoy the weather, stay well, stop out for a visit, enjoy the little things life has to offer. It goes by in a blink of an eye and you don’t want to miss it! Have a great week!