Ronda’s Weekly Column
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Ronda’s Weekly Column

Week  of  January 24, 2022

Hello everyone, it’s Ronda with the weekly HPV News-

Here we are heading into February, Full steam ahead. Longer days and warmer weather? Who are we kidding.  It is North Dakota!

We are remaining pretty healthy out here at the Village and we would like to Thank You all for cooperating with the No Visiting if you aren’t feeling up to par. We have had some Positive Staff this past month but luckily the residents are remaining  healthy. There is so much going around and we don’t want any of it.

If you have any questions you can certainly Call Cindy or Amber and they will be more than happy to visit with you. The rules change weekly, so keeping up is sometimes difficult.

What’s going on the week of January 30th to February 5th- Just a reminder about mealtime Times ..Breakfast-7:45, Dinner-11:30, Supper-5:00, this should make finding a visiting time a little bit easier.

Sunday January 30th-They will have Worship at 10:00am Monday January 31st-In the morning they will have Coffee, News Exercises, and Trivia. In the afternoon they will have Individual Activities, Bingo, Coffee, and Individual Activities Tuesday February 1st-In the morning they will have Coffee, News, Jingo Wednesday February 2nd-In the morning they had coffee, Worship, and Trivia. In the afternoon they had Individual Activities, Coffee, Bible Study, and Individual Visits Thursday February 3rd-In the morning they had Coffee, News and visiting, and trivia. In the afternoon they had coffee news, and Trivia. In the afternoon they had Individual Activities, Stories, and Cocoa, Coffee, and Happy Hour, and Individual Activities.

Friday February 4th- In the morning they had Coffee, played Yahtzee, and Trivia. In the afternoon they will have Bingo, Coffee, and Individual Visits.

Saturday February 5th- In the morning they had Coffee, In the visiting in the Activity Room, and Trivia. In the afternoon they had Bingo, Coffee, Individual Activities

Happy Birthday this week goes out to Annie Mehus  and Marilyn Bye. Happy Birthday!

Meanwhile, here at the Village, we keep busy with Activities and visiting.  Pie is back in the coffee shop and is open to Residents and Apartment Residents, so that is a positive.

We sure are enjoying the pretty snowflake pictures that the Hatton Eielson school kids made for our Dining Room. Thank You!

Thank You for all you do for us .  We appreciate all you do for us  and it does not go unnoticed.  Great are your thoughts, prayers, treats and good wishes. Stay warm, stay Healthy, stay in touch, and have a great week!