Funding Costs
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Funding Costs

“Mom needs care in a nursing home, but how do we pay for it?” We hear this anxious question often. There are four ways to pay for nursing home costs:


1. Private Pay.  You pay the monthly costs from your or your loved one’s assets/income.


2. Medicaid.  If you or your loved one has limited income and assets the State of North Dakota, Department of Human Services, will pay the costs. You must apply for Medicaid assistance through your county social services office. Your income must be less than the current Medicaid income levels (this changes each year so contact your county social service office for the current level). Your assets must be no more than $3000.00 for one person and $6000.00 for a household of two persons. These assets are not counted towards the limits:  the home you live in, one car, your household goods and furniture, your personal belongings and clothing and certain burial plans.


Giving away property or income or selling property for less than its value in the 5 years preceding your application for Medicaid assistance may affect your eligibility for assistance. For more information contact:


  • Traill County Social Services – 701.636.5220
  • Steele County Social Services – 701.524.2584
  • Grand Forks Country Social Services – 701.787.8535
  • For a Medicaid application go to and click on “Medicaid & other Medical Services” under Core Services.


3. Combination of Private Pay and Medicaid – If your income and assets exceed the Medicaid limits you would use the income/assets to pay for the costs until you reach the Medicaid limits. At that point you can apply for Medicaid assistance and, if approved, Medicaid would pick up the costs.


4.  Long Term Care Insurance – Benefits from a long term care policy can pay for all or a portion of the costs depending on the benefit amount and benefit period chosen. LTC policies vary from insurer to insurer, but generally they pay a monthly benefit if you need assistance performing two or more Activities of Daily Living (ADLs or are cognitively impaired.


About Medicare:  Medicare does not pay for nursing home costs long term. It will pay the first 100 days of a nursing home stay if preceded by at least a three-day hospital stay.


The average monthly cost at Hatton Prairie Village is $7,000.00. We do not set the rates. They are determined by the State of North Dakota based on the level of care you need. And the rates are the same whether you pay, Medicaid pays or LTC insurance pays.


For further information please phone Joleen Smith at 701.543.3102 or send her a message at

“We knew nothing about how to pay for Dad’s care and you helped us through the Medicaid process. It was wonderful having help during a very stressful time. Thank you.” ~ Family Member of a Resident